This is an astonigshing story of 25 year old Tanya Rybakova.

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One of the most popular models in Russia.The main reason why she has become so famous is not because how hot she looks but because of the astonishing journey she has gone through to reach this amazing Transformation.

“An overweight woman who spent years in isolation because she was bullied over her size”

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looking her now, Tanya has a stunning figure and it’s hard to think of her looking anything else but beautiful.

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The People who used to make fun of her in her early days are calling her and appreciating today of the great transformation that she has gone through.


Tanya decided to do something about her weight, and began to live a healthy life style. She ate all the right foods and hit the gym hard, in a bid to shed the pounds.

With great efforts and number of years of healthy diet and exercise Tanya was able to be one of the most Popular models of Russia.

These are some words of Tanya..

‘It was so bad I would come home from school crying and I didn’t want to go back. Being overweight took my confidence.
‘Now it’s cool to see myself on television and often I can’t believe this is my life.’
The turning point came at her prom night which Tanya describes as the worst night of her life.
She added: ‘I was alone and crying. Even my friends didn’t talk to me, so I decided then to lose the weight.