Brexit: no second EU referendum despite e-petition, government says


Statement in response to petition signed by more than 4.1 m “theyre saying” referendum was immediately in an entire generation vote

The hopes of more than 4.1 million people who ratified a petition calling for a second referendum on the EU have faded, after an answer from the governmental forces saying it was a once in an entire generation vote.

Parliament must consider all applications that reach a threshold of 100, 000 votes for a dialogue and, although the decision has yet to consider the action for a dialogue, the Foreign Office responded to the signatories by email on Friday evening, pointing out that over 33 million have had their say.

Referring to the wording of the petition, which asks for a second referendum to be held because the vote to leave should not outstripped 60% of the voting rights and the turnout was less than 75%, “the governments response” states that the European Union Referendum Act should not include guidelines about minimum turnout.

The statement said: The play was scrutinised and is discussed in assembly during its passage and agreed by both the House of Commons and the House of Lords. The play set off the requirements under which the referendum would take place, including requirements for specifying the time, franchise and the question that would appear on the ballot paper. The play did not set a threshold for research results or for minimum turnout.

The prime minister and government have been clear that this was a once in an entire generation referendum and, as the “ministers ” has told us, the decision must be respected. We must now prepare for the process to depart the EU and the government is committed to ensuring the best possible outcome for the British parties in the negotiations.

The petition, which was started by leave activist William Oliver Healey in May, when tallies intimated persist would acquire, has been the subject of disagreement after it was discovered that thousands of signatures were imitation.

The petitions committees own evidence underneath reads that the decision on the petition was to be postponed until 12 July. It predicted: The committee has decided to defer its decision on this application until the governmental forces digital service has done all it can to verify the signatures on the petition. We have already had to remove 77,000 sham signatures.

The committee wishes to made very clear that, although it may choose to schedule a debate on this application in due course, it only has the power to schedule debates in Westminster Hall the second pondering chamber of the House of Commons.

Debates in Westminster Hall is not have the power to change the existing legislation, and are not able to initiation a second referendum.

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