Photographer Spends 25 Years Trying To Document The Majestic Beauty Of Whales And Dolphins


Christopher Swann has devoted over 25 times making sublime photos of whales and dolphins, and as you can see from these beautiful slides, the British photographer and cetacean enthusiast clearly has an intimate bail with these awe-inspiring naval mammals.

“I adoration the elegance and purity of the sea, ” Swann told mymodernmet. “Cetaceans epitomise that, and nothing is more perfect than any cetacean underwater, but whales are really special. To meet animals so huge yet so beautiful, so at ease and at one with their surroundings, is exquisite.” The photographer has devoted times moving whale and dolphin-watching festivities throughout the world, but he’s are determined to bid farewell to this occupation in order to focus exclusively on his amazing photography. Take a look at some of his stunning photography below. His slides serve to remind us that despite their size, these tranquil men have the power to instill in us a impressive sense of peace.

1Christopher Swann is a British photographer who takes sublime pictures of whales and dolphins