Shah Rukh Khan’s Most awaited Fan’s officail trailer is out.

FAN is the story of Gaurav, who is 20 or something and he will always think about mega star Aryan Khanna (Shah Rukh Khan) who is like God for him.

Makers framed this beautiful script in Delhi, and Gaurav dream is to meet SRK, who lives in Mumbai, So it is like edge seat thriller one, One of the World’s greatest FAN to reach World’s biggest star. As usual like in everyone’s life Gaurav will face dangerous obstacles in his way to meet Super Star.



The latest official trailer, shows The Fan ( Gaurav ) turn into a psychologically obsessed admirer of a superstar ( Aryan ). Things go south, when the two sides of the coin, the two opposing forces meet. And did we say, Shah Rukh Khan appears to be in his prime acting form here and it appears to get him huge critical acclaim, that is if Jabraa fan didn’t bowl you out already. But do not expect anything of the cuteness from it to carry on. Cause, It Won’t. It instead is a thriller like never before.