These Illegally Obtained Photos Prove That Normalcy Can Be Just As Chilling As Chaos


1When we think about North Korea, “mundanity” isn’t a concept which is usually comes to mind.

We ideate stages of oppression and social injustice. Our imaginations replenish with imagined repugnances built with the brick and mortar of bulletin footage and gift media. And that induces sense, since transgression is the weave that knits together every scrap of the North Korean experience. It’s the artistic tie that binds.

But when photographer Michal Huniewicz illegally documented his time in the country, the resulting collect discovered an image of North Korean life that twists apparently innocuous imagery into a haunting sight of everyday life lived under oppression’s thumb.

But it does. Genealogies gather around TVs toy approved programming. Fathers buy food at the local supermarket. Receptionists check beings into their areas, passengers scramble to catch bus, and pedestrians marvel at skyscrapers. The surface of this way of life is normal. It is ordinary and plain and eerily familiar.