We Are Surprised, If You haven’t Heard Of “Damn Daniel-The New Internet Sensation” These Days!

What’s the Buzz all about?

Well “Damn Daniel” is the video posted on twitter, Its about Daniel Lara and a interesting voiceover from his friend Josh.

Every time Daniel is spotted in a new outfit his friend Josh goes on saying Damn daniel many times.

The Video has gone viral and people who are watching this cant stop saying Damn Daneil atleast once.

The clip was posted to Twitter by @josholzz and it has already been retweeted over 177,000 times and liked over 215,000 times.                                                                           The friends are students at Riverside High School in California and are sure to become the next social media stars.

Daniel and his friend Josh are suprised by the reaction they have been getting these days.

Watch the video Below:

Soon after the video has gone viral, there have been many variations of meme coming around this video.you can watch one of those below..